making applications

So you’ve decided that university is something you’re interested in. Now, how to go about applying? There are all sorts of resources out there to help you with your applications ; some of them more general, and some that will give specific advice for people with care experience. You’ll find links to resources as well as some of our own advice here.

Making Choices

Beyond deciding to apply, there are just a few more choices you’ll need to make: What subject? What university? Part time or full time? And plenty more besides! This information sheet will help run you through the various choices open to you and how to make the decision that suits you best.

There are also plenty of useful links available here.

Bursaries and Funding

One of the main reasons people doubt whether university is for them is the money. Whether you are a Care Leaver, someone with care experience or someone estranged from their parents, there are a range of funding options to help you pay for your studies. Some of these may be grants or loans available to all students, some funding may come from your local authority, and some can come specifically from the university you attend.

Learn more

Funding situations change from year to year, but these are the key places you’ll need to check out to see what’s available to you:

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