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All of the pages on this website will have relevant information for you if you’re a care-experienced person in Wales considering university.

Below, we’ve added some specific information based on your circumstances.

I’m currently in school/college

If you’re currently in education, you should have access to support from your teachers and support staff at your school/college. Make sure you know who to talk to, whether it’s a teacher you have a good relationship with, the staff who help with UCAS applications or the designated member of staff for care-experienced students. Your school or college may also be able to support you by arranging visits to universities, or have access to pre-entry university programmes (like the Step Up programme at Cardiff University, or the University of South Wales’ Summer School). Universities’ designated contacts for care-experienced students may also be able to give you advice on your UCAS application and personal statement, as well as give you more information about the support you are eligible for.

I’m not currently in education

If you’re looking to return to university after a gap in your education, things may seem a bit more daunting. But there are still plenty of sources of support to help you on your journey. As above, we recommend getting in touch with the designated contacts for care-experienced students at the universities you’re interested in applying to; they will be able to advise you on what differences there might be to applying depending on the qualifications and experience you have (most degree courses will consider work or lived experience as an alternative to some traditional qualifications!). They can also help you to arrange visits to the university to learn more.

I’m over 25

The picture may be a little different if you’re over 25. Lots of financial support for care-experienced students only goes up to 25, but we recommend contacting the universities you’re thinking of applying to in case they can still offer support. More and more, universities are recognising that having been in care might mean that you come to university later than your peers and are looking at ways to help support you. It is also worth contacting the Rees Foundation, who offer life-long support and advice to anyone in the UK who has been in care.

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