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Welcome to CLASS Cymru. If you’re in Wales, care experienced and considering going to university, this site is for you. If you support a care experienced person in Wales who might want to go to university, you’re welcome too! CLASS Cymru stands for Care Leavers Activities and Student Support, and is made up of universities, colleges, social services and charities across Wales who support those with care experience to go on to Further and Higher Education.

There are huge amounts of information out there about the journey to university. This site is designed to give tips that are relevant to you as a care-experienced person (or someone who supports those with care experience), and direct you to other helpful resources to make sure you’ve got all the information you need.

Whatever stage you’re at, whether it’s before uni ; making applications; navigating the transition to uni; studying at uni or working out what to do after uni, you can use the drop-downs above to find the information you need. There are also some handy information sheets for the various people who may be supporting you a little further down the page.

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